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Regarding Accusing Someone of Hacking


I just wanted to make a thread regarding how to deal with situations where you might think someone is hacking. Seeing this recent (and not so recent) discussions of hacking, I just wanted to post this as a reminder.

We cannot ban someone if you think they hack. Plain and simple. A demo would be needed to be reviewed (by more than one admin) before banning is considered. Now of course we will come across people who are blatantly hacking with their screen shacking and auto-headshoting. Those are immediate auto-bans.

Just think of it as a court case really. You bring in the accused (the demo), the admins review him/it (watching the demo) and then the panel (admins) decide if he is "guilty" or not. (I'm not a pro. in law so forgive me if my metaphor is not 100% accurate)

On top of this, I'd just like to add that, we will encounter people that are just really good. No doubt about it. So please, when you think someone is hacking, report it to an admin, in private (not public chat or voice please!) chat in-game or in steam friends or in the forums, and record a demo please.

In case you don't know, to record a demo, you need to (ignore quotations):

1- go to console by pressing "~"
2- type in "record hacker" where "hacker" is the name of your demo
3- go back in game and spec the person
4- when you are done, go back to the console and type "stop"
5- if you wanna watch your demo before sending, first, you can't watch one while connected to a server, so disconnect if you are playing
6- go to the console and type "demoui"
7- a player will popup. click on "load" and look for your file. if you named your demo "hacker", look for "hacker"
8- your demo will start playing and the player will still be there. You can watch the demo in slow-mo (very useful imo), fast-forward, and rewind....your video.
9- then when you are done analyzing your demo, send it to an admin by email (which you can get from the members list link above) or messenger or in the forums (be careful of the file size, since if it's too big, just send it by email or by messenger).
10- If you have any questions, post 'em up.

Innocent until proven guilty.


--- Quote from: [KEA] guit_ar_tist [GA] on December 20, 2008, 10:13:44 AM ---Innocent until proven guilty.

--- End quote ---

What the fuck is this shit, do you think your an American? Oh wait, Canada is part of the US.

Rev. Jim Jones:
This sounds fair as I have been forced to go to court way to many times the law metaphor is a good example.

Ban Em All:
guitartist, you forgot to put up another step of uploading it to the site or emailing it to us if its to big.


--- Quote from: KillEmAll on December 20, 2008, 08:18:40 PM ---guitartist, you forgot to put up another step of uploading it to the site or emailing it to us if its to big.

--- End quote ---



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