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All the following have TF2, if you are playing JOIN OUR SERVER AND HAVE THEM JOIN IT. Don't go play on iO or Lotus or the other gay clan servers. Also, if you can idle in there, do so. I see people all the time on other servers, you know why it doesn't fill? Because you didn't join. Blame yourself. It takes two or three, then all the old regulars see people are on and jump on. The only problem with that is, that they are all good as shit and according to them, the server used to have the most competition.

Mr. Black
Shadow of Enigma
Blah #2
Dr Del Fuego
The Professional
Mattress Goddess
Mr Sister Fister
Crazy Canuck
Confidence Man
Rev. Jim Jones
Canadian Hammer
Shadow Warrior
NERD Invasion

Also, become friends with the pests. They will play and they don't hate KEA like some of you may think. The members of "Frrrrrunkis Regulars" will also come to our server if you ask.
Try, since you all know him, Sloppy. Usually not able to play though.
MuleJuice and Clutch also play a lot.

Non KEA/Pest the infamous Andy234, might also know him as "fucking fag" or "fucking hacker" or "that guy who is bullshit", will play.
Get [LLJK] Evil Sponge in there too.

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but a ton of you have it and the server isn't even in the top 500. Come on now guys. As the soldier says, Lets Do It.

Rev. Jim Jones:
I rarely play TF2 and mostly just 2fort.

Just picked it up a week ago so add me to the list  ;D

This is BULLSHIT!! Every time i want to play TF2 on our server it doesn't have even one player on. I've tried 4 times and always empty. I don's want to play on other servers cuz our RULE ;)
But what can a person do if the server is always empty :-\

You are a moron Mr. Black. You join the serve so other people will join. Hence "populate" it. Players won't join a different server, but since you are part of the clan you should. When they see you are on  they will join. Also, join it, then spam the fuck out of anyone who has it. Crazy I'll add you just because your the man.

EDIT: You're already on it, idiot.


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