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Sandy Bridge


Ryu Takezaki:
Is it worth the wait?  I mean, if they do come out early next year, then I guess it depends on how much $ it would cost, and how much the other CPUs' prices go down.

Although I suppose that a new line of processors wouldn't really affect prices of previous models by too much, i.e. the i7-975 extreme is still over 1 grand, and more than the hexacore 980 extreme too.

=|   I don't quite understand yet how they determine prices for components.

I haven't done too much research into how the performance of these chips are rated, but I can't really say that I'm gonna wait any longer to buy all the parts for a rig once BF/CM and Xmas comes around.

Joeseph Geobbels:
AMD bulldozer>sandy bridge

if i were you i'd buy everything right now, especially if it was last years hardware, prices are falling as we speak and software is not even taking advantage of the hardware thats out today.  Bulldozer wont be out until q4 2011 and prob wont be that much better than an i7 920, jus sayin.  Sandy seems good but like i said, software isnt keeping up with hardware.  Still stress testing my new rig with a 950 and seems to be running smooth (on my laptop still).  Will post my stuff soon!!

hold on...i thought sandy was an onboard graphics option rather than a dedicated device? wtf??

its gonna be 32nm with a ton of new features, dual, quad, hexa and octal core versions as well


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