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Lets say i want to play more of TF2. More specific our KEA/OnA server. Can i get admin there? I also want to know who actually is an admin there? The fact also is we KEA are not doing a good job of populating it. If some of KEA were given admin maybe that would be their motivation to populate it more..

I'm not saying give me admin. I'm just wondering.....?

Don't give him admin...

I got nothing.

Rev. Jim Jones:
I only play 2FORT out of Chicago and two maps that are 2FORT @ night

BanEmAll, Ding,......Please reply on this topic, your opinions.......

My nuts itch.
(BTW my previous post was a joke. Black didn't get it. I don't care if he has admin for a lameass cartoon game i don't even play :D)


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