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funny fuckin thing happened tonight...  Ate dinner at home with my girl, drank some beers and then decided to watch a movie on my projector.   So i turn on everything and listen to the nice tones of my ps3 reverberating off my 7.1 setup.   Everything was great..............up until the moment i tried to put a blu ray disk into the drive.  THE SLOT LOADING DISK READER DID NOT WANT TO TAKE MY DISK.  I'm so fuckin pissed, seems like the gears that feed the disks are either broken or has dust inside of it (will try and take it apart tomorrow).  I used to talk shit about peoples xbox 360's red ring of death, but this is fuckin ridiculous.  I tried everything so far, tried diff disks, putting it in gently sideways (standing up), i updated the fuckin firmware (took fuckin 45 min).  NOTHING.  It works normally besides not being able to accept disks of any kind (comes on and am able to surf the web and dl games, play demos).  Good think i got my new rig (havent installed steam yet).  I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CONSOLE.  So , anyone got a ps3 and had this problem? Lookin online some people have this problem but theirs were fixed by simply updating firmware, mine is still fucked  :-\

mine stopped working 2 months back, wouldn't read discs anymore. i think its 90 bucks to replace the laser, i just bought a new ps3 slim instead. My original PS3 worked fine for 3.5 years before dying, whereas I went thru 3 POS 360's in the last 5 years cos of RROD

yea man im fuckin pissed.  I just spent the whole day tryin to fix it at work.  Seems to me that the motor in the drive is dead or the power cable from the board to the drive is bad.  None of the gears move when i turn it on.  Everytime i try to put a disk in, it wont accept it but the sensor works.  A lot of people been having this problem, its crazy.  Its gonna cost me i'd say close to 200 bux to fix it, so im just gonna sell it for a 100 to this guy at work and buy a brand new standalone blu ray player from Panasonic.  Fuck consoles.

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