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Author Topic: Steam free to play game 'theHunter'  (Read 23911 times)

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Steam free to play game 'theHunter'
« on: December 03, 2014, 09:57:23 AM »
Found this hillarous review on steam, enjoy

It costs nothing to download, but I feel entitled to a refund.

First of all, there was no tutorial for this. I was just thrown in, and expected to know how to hunt. I wandered aimlessly for a while, until I found some tracks. I followed them, and found some more tracks and some scat. There was so much scat, that I began to wonder if this animal was sick. I followed the trail for about one in game hour unril I saw it: a whitetail deer. Living in an area with a lot of rednecks, I was excited. Apparently deer are something you should want to hunt. I readied my rifle, and clicked the fire button. Nothing. Was the left mouse button not the fire button? The right mouse button readied the gun, so I figured the left would fire. Then a message popped up: "You don't have the required license to hunt whitetail deer". What? I just spent almost forty real minutes tracking this thing down, only to not be allowed to shoot it. This is a video game! I shouldn't need to buy licenses to hunt animals! And, since this was my first time playing, wouldn't it be nice to give me some licenses for free, so I can get a feel for the game before investing money in it (it's free to play, so I shouldn't have to pay to play it)! I quit the game, went to the store, and looked up how much licenses cost, only to see something that really ????ed me off. The licenses are temporary! Are you ????ing ????ting me!?

If you don't buy the licenses, this is just "Hiking Simulator". I live in an area full of hiking trails. I can literally drive five minutes, and find a hiking trail. I do not have a gun, hunting equipment, or hunting licenses. I played this so I could hunt. After playing this, I might as well just get all of those things, because it would be something I could make memories out of, actually go outside, and do with my friends.

Valve, I am begging you, set standards for what can and cannot be free to play. I am asking that either this game be removed from Steam, or you make the developers add free content. I am not going to pay to play a game that is listed as "free to play". I will pay for extras, but only if the game is good.

EDIT: Okay, so apparently I didn't notice that there is a tutorial. You people can stop commenting on it.

Some people are saying "well, it's a simulator". Simulators don't have to be one hundred percent realistic. The buying lisences part did not have to be in it, and made the "realism" (it's just a excuse to have microtransactions) too much.

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Re: Steam free to play game 'theHunter'
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2014, 01:06:12 PM »
microtransactions were invented by joos


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